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Text, ktorý k tejto tému uverejnil pán Kováčik spoluorganizátor Národného pochodu za život:

zajtra sa znovu hlasuje (zatial vo vybore, v plene EP neskor) o dokumente ESTRELA, ktory uz raz bol zamietnuty. Obsahuje agresivne pretlacanie potratov, antikoncepcie, LGBTI "prav"... do vsetkych EU statov. Pri prvom hlasovani sa stal doslova zazrak, ktory zaskocil aj privrzencov aj odporcov dokumentu. Vdaka vam za tento zazrak - poslanci sa vyjadrili, ze NIKDY neprislo este tolko mailov ako vtedy.

"Patrocnica" nasich uhlavnych priatelov je prijat nieco taketo do konca volebneho obdobia EU parlamentu, preto sa nestitia dokument bez zmien davat schvalovat znovu po tom, co bol odmietnuty. Nazvime to "demokraticke" hlasovanie az kym nie je vec schvalena (po slovensky DIKTATURA).

Ak mate par minut, na najdete emaily vsetkych EP poslancov. Napiste im.

Dear friends,
tomorrow committee of EP is voting again about ESTRELA report which was already rejected by plenum. It aggressively promotes abortion, contraception, LGBTI "laws"... into all EU member states. During 1st voting in EP literally a miracle occurred which surprised promotors as well as opponents of the document. Thanks to all of you for the miracle - the EP members said that they never received so many emails.

Taking the same voting again and again until the thing is not accepted is DICTATORSHIP, not DEMOCRACY.
If you have few minutes, please, urge members of parliament - find addresses here

Best regards

Dear member of European Parliament.

My name is Tomas Kovacik and I am living in Slovakia. I have received information that the Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is scheduled for the vote in the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality that will take place on Tuesday, Nov 26th, 2013. I am very concerned by this non-democratic development. This report was already once sent back to the committee by the majority of Members of the European Parliament; however, the MEPs haven't got a chance to debate it, nor did they have opportunity to draft amendments to the text that was rejected by the plenum. Majority of members found the original text of the report highly controversial and it faced serious criticism.

I want to ask you to take ALL STEPS to STOP this DISCRIMINATORY REPORT which GOES BEYOND MANDATE of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT. According to the principle of subsidiarity, Member States have exclusive competence in questions of ethics and medicine. Thus such document cannot be accepted at the EU level because according to the Treaties, it has no mandate for that.

This Report negatively affects FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS, above all those most sacred ones:
- right to live,
- right to freedom of speech,
- right to religion freedom and its expression,
- children's rights,
- right of parents to raise their own children according to their values.

It agresively:

- and absolutely non-democraticaly asks for ban of the right to conscientious objection,
- puts more and more division between man and woman instead of bringing them to mutual respect and love,
- promotes abortion as human right while it has never been defined as such,
- promotes sexual education without concerns about human dignity,
- promotes contraception as universal solution even for adolescents,
- promotes „rights“ based on sexual orientation as fundamental human rights while fundamental human rights are ALWAYS universal for everyone,
- etc.

This document VIOLATES the EU basic treaties which are set to respect will of member states in questions addressed by the Report.

Moreover, as you surely noticed so many doubting feelings of the EU citizens about the future of the EU itself, enactment of documents violating basic human rights and beliefs of millions of EU citizens will bring even more tensions to our society. What we need in times of economical crisis is cooperation, trust, focusing on the basic values of our society - protection of human being and family. We need to join forces and help our society to become more human and more family oriented, to come out of the crisis stronger for our children. With EUROPEAN ELECTIONS coming soon, adoption of such controversial and dividing report will have STRONG IMPACT on their results.

Such legislative proposals as the one I am writing to you about, ARROGANTLY IGNORE and go against the will of hundreds of thousands of the EU citizens (currently over 1.9 millions) who invested their time, money and comfort in the European citizens initiative ONE OF US (see more at The initiative is focused on protection of every human being, not only children but also women as victims of abortion (one of controversies addressed in the Report). In democracy, the will of citizens which does not violate basic human rights should not be ignored. If it is, it will surely have democratic consequences.

I find it outrageous that his report is coming to the Plenary without changes almost immediately after ITS REJECTION on Oct 22nd, 2013. I find it ABSOLUTELY NON-DEMOCRATIC – voting on the same issue again and again until it is not accepted is DICTATORSHIP not DEMOCRACY.

Finally, I want to ask you to consider very deeply your voting decisions in matters that affect basic values of our society. I ask you to take any steps necessary to REJECT THE REPORT AND SIMILAR ONES IN FUTURE ONCE AND FOR ALL. WE MUST PROTECT EACH HUMAN BEING, FAMILY AND OUR SOCIETY, NOT FOCUS ON CONTROVERSIES. Think about deep consequences of your decisions.

I wish you all the best in your important work, I wish you wisdom necessary to help and protect mankind and family.

With best regards,

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